The River


Where is this God you talk about?           He’s here, in the backwaters. Can’t you see Him?

Join us in our unique adventures as we explore the backwaters of the Mississippi River. As we journey through the seemingly endless channels of rushing water and incredible hiking trails, let God’s wonderful Masterpiece  wake you from your slumber.

Why such animosity toward the concept of a pre-existing moral order? It is actually quite simple, if this idea cannot be scrubbed from the political discourse, if the wisdom of founding fathers in setting up our nation is not discredited the argument is lost.
“… for since the beginning of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen.” Rom 1:20
If justice, mercy, wisdom, duty, liberty just to name a few, are eternal then these attributes must also be viewed without division. One may distinguish between them but we cannot divide them or assume to appoint them in their proper place. No act of justice is separate from mercy, no act of mercy is separate from wisdom, no act of wisdom is separate from justice and so forth. If these attributes are pre-existing and eternal this poses quite a dilemma for the intellectual elite and their vision of Utopia.
Now if the universe and thus the Earth did not pre-exist that means there was a beginning. Here Lies the greatest enemy of the intellectual elite.
“ In the beginning…” Gen 1 If the invisible attributes are eternal and the earth is not, how frightful is this for the college professor who for generations have filled their students minds with the concept that morals and values are relative conjured up by humans, subject to the beliefs of the current generation. If we add the next two words of the sentence, …in the beginning God created… “God created, if this is so this means God pre-exited the beginning. This leads us to the logical question, what did Good create? The very first thing He created was time. In the beginning of time. Before the very first moment was eternity past, after that was time. The history that we are now taking part of is time.

“ In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void;” The next thing God created were the large copious heavens, they were created full and complete. The earth was created without form and void. What this means is the next thing created was the chaos or first matter. Out if this chaos the earth and the whole essence of nature was formed. It is because everything is created from this essence of nature is why all religions and philosophies have such a connection with nature? It is because we are all formed from that original chaos. What all religions and philosophies fail to recognize is that before all this there was a pre-existing eternity. A Creator God

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