The Journey

              Your path will be revealed

“The will of God will never lead you where the grace of God can’t keep you and the power of God can’t use you.”  W. Wiersbe

The Book of Jonah is a historical account of one mans call to duty. It is the story of an open rejection of this call and the consequences of this rebellion. It is a story  of a merciful God who reprimands His servant through natural calamities allowing to him repent. The restoration both physically and spiritually by Jonah allows him to fulfill his called duty. “The word of the Lord came unto Jonah the son of Amitai,…” Jonah 1:1 Amitai means son of Truth, God’s truth has come to Jonah. When your eyes are opened and the truth comes to you, it is a blessing. Oh but this truth might be quite painful and the task laid upon your heart may seem overwhelming. The task that Jonah was to do was unbearable. To go into Assyria especially the capital Nineveh would be unfathomable for an Israelite in the time of Jonah. These were the sworn enemy and they were quite ruthless to their enemies.
The word that had come to Jonah was a blessing, with every blessing there is a responsibility, a duty. Disobedience is not an option. Has a veil been removed from your eyes, has a call been placed on your heart? Are you fleeing from your duty? Sometimes we are deceived by our circumstances. As with Jonah. When he decided to flee from his call it seemed as if the decision was the right one. A ship happened to be in Port with availability, he had the right amount of money for the fare, it seemed like everything was lining up. He was so comfortable with his decision that he was able to go into the hull of the ship and sleep even as a terrible storm had come upon the ship. Is everything lining up in your life? Are you comfortable in your life? Do you have a good job, is your family life going great, are you happy with your status in the community? Are you hiding behind your comfortable life at the expense of those you are called to bring the truth too. Are you leaving them condemned to death lost in the darkness of the world. Has the truth come upon you but it will make your life a little uncomfortable for you speak this truth. Are you asleep in the hull of the ship?  “…O ‘ SLEEPER ARISE,AND CALL UPON YOUR GOD.”
Jonah is a servant of God who became lost and alone in his thoughts and his worldview. Being lost and alone can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing You must be lost before you can be found. Lost and alone wondering in a world without knowledge of the truth leads to despair and bad decisions. Lost and alone in prayer, meditation and study leads to revelation, hope and duty.
                         J Q Adams

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